sabato 17 dicembre 2011


mmm, this is my first post in English. Actually, I decided to write it because I'd like somebody more to read it, that's all.
This won't be nice, this won't be happy and probably it will make me more and more depressed. Let's start from the beginning.

When you fill your application form to ask to be an Erasmus, nobody will tell you what will happen after. Nobody will tell you about the risks and the problems.
Above all, nobody will tell you what coming back home means and that, probably, it will seem the end of the world.

  • Missing people.
  • Many regrets. Less remorses.
  • Things which fall apart.

First, the time doesn't seem to pass at all. After 4 months you usually wake up and you finally notice everything's gonna finish.
An Erasmus student loses his/her sense of control and s/he no more the person who was before to depart. Every single event is amplified and s/he does things s/he has never imagined to do.
When I applie for my Erasmus scholarship I didn't know anything at all.
One months and a half and then...puff. One week...and it will be worst.
That's why, this afternoon, I wanted to die.
All will definitely turn bad.
There are some things nobody cannot explain, and that's one of them.
I don't really want to write anything anymore.

I just wanna say thank you all, because these days will never come back.

I'm gonna go to my corner and [...]. I'm not that kind of person, but now I'm sad.

I love you, all. And I'm serious when I write I will never forget you, I will never let you go. In one way or another. This is for you!


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